April 3, 2016

Art Club

ART CLUB is a special year-round program to engage students in self-development. ART CLUB nurtures creativity, collaboration, communication, and citizenship. ART CLUB meets the second Saturday of each month to explore issues affecting students’ lives and the world around them. The underlying premise of this program is “Art + issue = Change”. Students enroll initially as 5th graders and may continue to participate year after year.  To learn more,  email Sonja.brooks@art4edu.org


International Day – March 11, 2017













nobel-prize-winnner-art-presentation-khb         gatton-satyarthi-lexi-and-majessa-holding-scrolls-cropped    gatton-satyarthi-examining-scrolls-2-cropped

Art Club students created artwork for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi



Students create collages from old calendars, wallpaper samples and other scavenged papers.           (click picture for more photos)


Students learned about the importance of bees and helped paint this attention getting mural. (Click picture for more photos)


Rubbing alcohol dropped onto permanent marker designs on cotton fabric creates a water color effect.        (Click picture for more photos)



Selfie                         sewing soft sculptures            Horsing around!



Students created botanical drawings after learning about George Washington Carver, distinguished African-American educator, scientist, researcher, humanitarian, and artist.







Chibi characters were the subject of a drawing session with a local artist.






Art Club members made wreaths to be given to family members of victims of gun violence. The wreaths feature the color orange, which hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others. For the nationwide movement to honor all lives cut short by gun violence, orange is a celebration of life – and a call to action to help save lives from gunfire.



To learn more,  email Sonja.brooks@art4edu.org


Greeting Cards by Art Club Students

greeting card

Art Club participants designed, carved, and created relief prints in a variety of images and colors.  They are available as greeting 5” x 7” greeting cards, with space inside for you to write your own message. Buy multiples at 4 for $12.    Receive one free card with a $50 donation.

To order, email Sonja.brooks@art4edu.org